Thursday, April 30, 2009

Professor Kohl's Archaeology Lecture

So we started April off with our Professor lecture series, and so far we've had some great turn-out and enthusiasm! Our first lecture was from Professor Foxtree on the sexual life of Native American Barbie. It was definitely an intriguing way to start things off. This week we heard Professor Van Arsdale talk about how his research and experience with hominids has shaped theories on human origins. And this coming week, Professor Kohl, the head of the Anthropology Department himself, is going to be talking about his experience as an Archeologist- the real Indiana Jones lifestyle! It's sure to be interesting, and, as in all of our lectures so far, delicious homebaked foodstuffs will be served.
I will be contributing homemade flatbreads, sprinkled with Za'atar- a middle-eastern spice mix that originated from the Assyrians. Flatbread is something very simple and universal, but the Za'atar itself is unique only to North African and middle-eastern cultures.
Also, snickerdoodles, the popular item from this weeks lecture will also make an appearance.

Everyone is invited to the third Professor lecture in this years anthropology faculty lecture series, and I hope to see you there for the fun, the intellectual stimulation and the brain food!

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