Sunday, May 31, 2009

Professor Erich Fox Tree's Barbie Talk

Professor Fox Tree offered a lecture this past spring as part of our Faculty Lecture Series - about Barbie as a material representation of culture.  He discussed "ethnic Barbies" and their role of shaping how young children of America view race, and talked about the history of the Barbie industry.  His talk was well attended by Anthropology, Womens Studies, and Economics majors, and many visitors came to enjoy his lecture as well.  The SPAM (our publicity jpgs - see one above) was a buzz all about campus - apparently, the sarcasm wasn't detected by all, and those out-of-the loop on Barbie pop culture references were confused.   Hey, the confused ones still came!  

Speaking of attendance...Lesson learned:  always offer free food.

- Posted By Emily Saras, '10

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