Friday, March 19, 2010

Imponderabilia: Crossing Borders, Linking up

One great journal already out there kicking ass and taking names is the Imponderabilia international student journal out of Cambridge University, UK. Check them out here

The journal is quickly becoming an amazing forum for students studying all over the world: we share our articles, poetry, videos, essays, interviews, and fieldnotes both in print and online - long before "normal" publishing opportunities arise in graduate school. The layout is artistic, fantastic, and in tune with the anthropology theory we are working with. (Very meta.)

As a well-trained anthropologist, let me (in the self-reflexive tradition) be honest about my own bias: I write, edit, and peer review for this journal!!!

Here is my 2009 article, here is my 2010 article, and here is the Sensory Anthropology section I co-edited with N. Hatfield Allen (Cambridge University, UK)

This year's journal is really inspiring me. (Download the full beautiful PDF version from the mainpage here and give it a gander!) I wanted to share a quote from the editors of the Student Ethnography section of Imponderabilia:

"As we are learning more and more readily, perhaps ethnography is not something necessarily to be saved until after graduation, and just maybe there are gaps in the schemata that undergraduates are readily placed to contribute towards. No longer does it seem that ethnography is exclusively reserved for those who have been successfully initiated to their graduate status: we believe that there can be something to gain from seeing the world with a slightly fresher and perhaps less academically minded pair of eyes. Here we have a range of insightful, clever, and thought-provoking examples of student ethnography, all of which succeed in convincing us that there is no reason not to engage in ethnographic fieldwork as undergraduates."

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